Brian (memnus) wrote in battle_of_wit,

A shanty

The chorus is pulled much from memory thanks to Rennaisance faires; Other contributions are my own, and I want yours.

And so, me hearties, let us sing!

Many men are lengthy,
Others not so blest
The men of East are far from least
So tell me, who's the best?

Shiver the sheets me hearties,
Swallow the decks in brine!
Bollux the oars, you lousy whores,
There's none is bigger'n mine.

Once I met a chaplain,
A preacher of the waves,
When he's about, the wenches shout
They know who really saves!

When Dustin comes a knockin',
You best to lock your door;
For his could fall straight down the hall
And 'cross your kitchen floor!

But Ejwu says that's nothing,
To his none can compare;
The Scrippsies stand from end to end
And all can have a share!
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