Chaos Never Blinks (sithjawa) wrote in battle_of_wit,
Chaos Never Blinks

Sometimes a crackpot on the Net

Sometimes a crackpot on the Net
With vehemence and foaming mouth
Doth from the dark a fire beget
And draw the whole discussion south.

Sometimes the thundering caps-lock cries
Of babe-devouring Hitler's clone.
By Usenet's laws the battle dies
And leaves the flame to fade alone.

Sometimes with sounds of 'u' and 'plzzz'
A voice cries out that knows no shame
And rising from the mouths of babes
Still ring the sounds that make us flame.

So sometimes in the dead of night
The words are typed, and all unsought
By LCD's soft silver light
I post the thing that I should not.
Tags: writing, writing-finished
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